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Women Develop New Tracts in Commercial Real Estate

The high-paying field of commercial real estate offers a culture and compensation structure that is often problematic for women. Female executives are changing that by mentoring more junior women and opening their own shops.
Gayle Farris

(WOMENSENEWS)–Gayle Farris is a believer in urban transformations and in a bigger role for women in making cities come alive.

Farris, president of Forest City Enterprises’ Boston-based Science and Technology Group, led a $43 million purchase of a former pharmaceutical company campus in Skokie, Ill., and in July reopened it, in partnership with the village of Skokie, as a 28-acre science-and-technology corporate park that now offers 1 million square feet of laboratory and office space to corporate tenants.

Farris designed her early career so she could work as an independent real estate developer and spend time at home raising her two children. Now, in addition to her regular work responsibilities, she is mentoring women in her male-dominated field through her company’s hiring, mentoring and promotion practices. Continue reading

Welcome to Women Building Wealth!

The Women Building Wealth Blog was created in2007 to help women who are already investing in real estate pick up a few more ideas and for those who are just starting out and want to learn exactly how to get started in investing. I am a realtor and an investor.  My niche has always been helping women build wealth through real estate. As an atypical realtor I counsel women to look towards the long term hold. At least 5 to 10 years and rather than sell, take the equity and roll it into another investment.  Sure…I could use the commission with a quick sale but in the end that’s not what I am about.  I am on the path to building wealth through real estate and other ventureses…and I’d like to help other like-minded women along the way.

Prior to investing in real estate, I was a technical recruiter with a San Francisco based search firm that worked with high-end IT professionals. Prior to that, I worked with a San Francisco technology driven market research firm that specialized in messaging and collaborative intelligence.  Even though I did quite well in the corporate world, I realized that the 9-5 daily grind was not going to help me retire early. So I started reading dozens of real estate investing books (after work or on the weekends), got my real estate license and structured my own deal then moved onto other investments. Today I own a few properties and hope to add more to my portfolio. I’ve made a million mistakes and sometimes the risks seemed incredibly high. But I learned from my mistakes and moved on. Whether you’re a seasoned investor or a complete newcomer this blog shares my past experiences, current ventures and information I think is important.


Women Building Wealth

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