Women’s Funding Network

I stumbled upon a site that I thought was worth mentioning since WBW is about women helping women.  The Women’s Funding Network is a world-wide membership of over 100 women’s and girls’ funds. Their members support the solutions of women and girls through local, national and international grants. WFN advances this movement by supporting funds through innovative programs and capacity-building expertise. WFN is creating a safer and more secure world by investing in women and girls.   Continue reading


Doing It For Themselves – women investors aid women entrepreneurs

Woman investors are changing business.

Woman investing is booming. Just look at angel investing.

From New York to Seattle to Los Angeles, high-net-worth women are creating both informal and formal networks, and often the beneficiaries of this financial muscleflexing are woman entrepreneurs. Continue reading

Small-Scale Charity Idea Aims For Impact on Massive Scale

There’s a difference between a hand up and a handout. The former has gained philanthropic stature lately, thanks to the popularity of microfinancing, a contemporary form of charity that enables donors to give to organizations that in turn make small business loans to individuals.

The idea is that real need is best served by finding ways to allow people to work themselves out of poverty. Loans go to people who are willing to work hard, but who can’t borrow through regular channels because they lack a credit history and/or collateral.

If the notion seems appealing, don’t let the “loan” concept throw you. You don’t have to be mega-rich to make a huge difference in someone’s life. You can help someone start a fruit stand in Tanzania, become a clothing vendor in Honduras or open a general store in Samoa for very little money. Most loans fall into the two-digit and low three-digit category, and there is more than one way to become involved. Continue reading