A steal of a deal in Oakland!

I am always on the lookout for a great deal in Oakland especially for single women or single mothers.  Why? Because at a certain time in my life I was a single mom wanting to buy my first home and my criteria was that the home had to be in “good” location (aka a safe neighborhood), it had to have 2 bedrooms, space to grow in, a laundry room, good storage, a parking space AND a front or backyard for my child. 

Well…this is what I found today when I went on tour.  Take a look at 2431 Damuth Street in the Diamond District.

This is a 2bd/1ba bungalow that was build in the 40’s.   Vaulted open beam ceilings in the livingroom, hardwood floors throughout, newly remodeled kitchen and bathroom. There is an office in the basement, an incredibly large workshop area. The home is private and very secluded.  If I had the extra cash on hand I would buy this house for my mother!  Below are some pics (basement, storage area, office, artist space and backyard not included):


This bungalow is situated towards the back of the lot.


Walk through an enclosed yard and up the front steps.


Front brick patio just as you enter the gate and go up the front steps. Its very private and secluded.


Nicely remodeled kitchen just off the livingroom. Lots of light and it looks down upon the enclosed backyard.


The kitchen is open and spacious and just to the left is the dining area. The hardwood floors throughout the house are in mint condition.


The remodeled bathroom is quite spacious and roomy enough for two.

Great find. Great price. If you are interested in homes like this one 2bd/1ba under $500K in a great neighborhood simply email me , I’ve got a long running list of homes in the East Bay that make sense for the first time home buyer. 

If you are interested in duplex to help defray your monthly mortgage payments I’ve got a great one located on the same lot.  It’s a side-by-side duplex with one unit rented by a long term tenant that is paying $1,000/mo rent.  The vacant unit is perfect for an owner occupied unit, vaulted ceilings, enclosed brick patio, parking space…a steal of a deal in Oakland at $469K!


Oakland Neighborhood Associations

Adams Point Preservation Society – a neighborhood north of Lake Merritt.



BONC is a community organization monitoring the planned expansion of the Claremont Hotel.



Citizen’s Planning Committee (CPC)



Claremont Canyon Conservancy is dedicated to reducing wildfire hazards in the Claremont Canyon, improving public access, and understanding the ecosystem health of the entire watershed – then preserving or restoring it consistent with public safety.



Diamond Neighborhood Association


DMV Neighbors Association
Margaret Pinter
Phone: 510 655 1767
Email: margaretpinter@aol.com Jackie Hoeppner-Freitas
Fairview Park Neighbors Association
Anna Barnard (Marian Hopping)
Phone: 510 658 0305
Email: abarnard@samuelmerritt.edu
Issues: Jack-in-the-Box, Alta BatesMeetings
Friends of Golden Gate Library
Lottie Rose
5606 San Pablo Avenue
Oakland, CA 94608
Phone: 510 658 6509
Computer Lab Phone: 510 595 8213
2nd Tuesday of every month at Golden Gate Branch Library, basement, 6:00pm
Friends of Temescal Creek
Bruce Douglas
Phone: 510-434-3840
(at Merritt College Environmental Center)
Email: FoTemescal@sbcglobal.net
Yahoo Group: groups.yahoo.com/group/FRIENDSOFTEMESCALCREEK
The Friends of Temescal Creek (FoTC) is a community organization of Temescal Creek Watershed citizens, businesses and supporting organizations. Temescal Creek flows through Berkeley, Oakland and Emeryville, California. New members and volunteers are welcome!Meetings
Water quality monitoring at Lake Temescal on the third Saturday of each month at 10:30 a.m. Email first.
Gilbert-Mather Park
Steward Aidan Wylde
Email: aidanwylde@lycos.com

Glenview Neighborhood Association


Greater Mosswood Neighborhood Association
Seth Katz
Email: kasakatz@yahoo.com
Mailing List: greatermosswood-subscribe@yahoogroups.com
Grizzly Peak Homeowners Association
Steven Mende
Phone: 510 654 1446
Email: mende@ssl.berkeley.edu
Hills Conservation Network
The Hills Conservation Network is a group of people who want vegetation management efforts to be better coordinated using East Bay Regional Park District practices.

Hills Emergency Forum coordinates the collection, assessment and sharing of information on the East Bay Hills fire hazards. The site contains useful safety information and community links.



Jack London Neighborhood Association. This association is located just blocks from Oakland’s estuary waterfront.



Laurel Village Neighborhood Association


Linden Park Community Group
Contact: Mavrik Zavarin
Email: caicos@sbcglobal.net
Lower Rockridge Parents Group
Email: lowerrockridgeparents@yahoo.com

Market Street Corridor Neighborhood Association, Inc.
Walter Miles
Phone: (510) 658-7131
Email: dmiles@prodigy.net

The mission of the Market Street Corridor Neighborhood Association, Inc. is to improve conditions in North Oakland and provide scholarships to local students. Dues are $15.00/year (includes monthly newsletter)

3rd Thursday of each month @ North Oakland Multipurpose Senior Center 5714 Martin Luther King, Jr. Way, 7:00pm to 8:00pm


Maybelle Avenue Neighborhood Association  

Montclair Safety & Improvement Council (MSIC) is a volunteer community advisory group to the City of Oakland, whose purpose is to improve the quality of life in the greater Montclair area by promoting a variety of safety and lifestyle enhancements to the area.



Montera Neighborhood Association



 Neighborhood Newsletter. This group is a task force of local newspaper editors. It also has links to other neighborhood associations

Norfolk-Buckingham Neighborhood Association
Lorraine Force
Phone: 510 848 7859
Ann Hammonds
Phone: 510 704 9671
Norfolk-Buckingham Neighborhood Association includes Bristol, Westmoreland, and Drury 

North Hills Phoenix Association
Glenn Hammonds, President
PO Box 20784
Oakland, CA 94620
Phone: (510) 273-9111
Email: president@NHPhoenix.org

‘The North Hills Phoenix Association is a nonprofit organization formed by the homeowners in the area…north of Highway 24 and east of Highway 13.’


North Oakland Community Development Board
Contact: Catherine Firpo, City of Oakland Community and Economic Development Agency
Phone: 510 238 6156
2nd Monday of every month at North Oakland Senior Center, 6:30pm



NOVA [North Oakland Voters Alliance]

Contact: Jean Parker, Steering Committee Member
Phone: (510) 601-1785
Meetings: 3rd Thursday of every month at North Oakland Senior Center, 7:00 pm

NOVA is comprised of North Oakland community members from the Berkeley border to Children’s Hospital, and from Telegraph Avenue to MLK Jr, Way.


Oakland Studio Arts Association & The 1000 Friends of Studio One
4529 Shafter Ave.
Oakland, CA 94609

Email: Bethmaher@pacbell.net Meetings
Call for meeting times


Oakmore Homes Association


Parkwoods Community Association
Bob Hood
Phone: 510 841 2105
Fax: 510 841 2107 Email: parkwoods@sbcglobal.com

Piedmont Avenue Neighborhood Improvement League (PANIL)
PO Box 20375
Oakland, CA 94620
Phone: (510) 655-1723

The PANIL neighborhood is the 40 square blocks bounded by Broadway, Mac Arthur, Oakland Avenue and the City of Piedmont.

2nd Wednesday of every month @ Piedmont Gardens Sky Room (11th Floor), 110 41st street, 7:30 pm



Piedmont Pines Neighborhood Association



Redwood Heights Neighborhood Association



Rockridge Community Planning Council (RCPC)
Co-Chair: Daniel Ferdelman, danielferdelman@yahoo.com
Co-Chair: Deborah Weinstein
5856 College Ave #130
Oakland, CA 94618
Phone: (510) 814-6060

3rd Thursday of every month @ The Rockridge Branch Library, 5366 College Avenue, 7:30pm



Rockridge Community Planning Council.



Rockridge Neighborhood Notes for Ocean View, Margarido, Manchester and Alpine Terrace neighborhoods.


Rockridge Terrace Homeowners Association
Steve Matthews
Phone: 510 547 3177
Email: gigatron@earthlink.net

San Pablo Golden Gate Improvement Association (SPAGGIA)
Charles Porter, President
PO Box 8797
Emeryville, CA 94622

The objectives of SPAGGIA are to help revitalize and upgrade the San Pablo Avenue business district, and the adjacent residential areas, through crime prevention and the elimination of blight.

Quarterly Meetings @ Golden Gate Recreational Center 10am – 12noon



Sequoyah Hills Homeowners Association, representing nearly 270 homes in the Oakland hills, has just launched its own community web site, This homeowners association represents the area in the Hills south of Merritt College.



Shepards Canyon Neighborhood Association



The Sibley Park Neighborhood Alliance

Yahoo Group: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/sibley

‘The Sibley Park Neighborhood Alliance is for residents of Elverton, Thorndale, Ormondale Ct., Observation and some of Skyline.’

Temescal Families
Online bulletin board and information resource for the Temescal community
Tremont Neighborhood Alliance
William Rogers
Phone: 510 653 8773
Email: William@ix.netcom.com
Julie Twichel
Phone: 510 843 4044
Email: julietwich@aol.com
As needed


Upper Alvarado Region Neighborhood
Gary Plotner 848-1375
Teresa Ferguson 843-3082

Neighborhood group with numerous activities geared towards safety and community affairs. Neighborhood consists of Alvarado to Siler Place, Amito, Drury Road and Gravatt.

Last Wed. of every other month beginning in January at 7:00 P.M. at Fire Station 

Vicente Canyon Neighborhood Association
Matt Morse
Email: vcna@mac.com

Village Bottoms Neighborhood Association


West Street Watch
Contact: weststreetwatch1@hotmail.com

A community of neighbors working together to create unity and a safe community. Our group focuses on the areas from 40th street to 37th street bordered by MLK and Market streets.


Oakland Neighborhoods

Quick, name a place in the Bay Area where an average person making an average income can still afford to buy a home, can still afford to live without mortgaging their entire future, can still afford to send the kids to college. Stumped? The anwer is Oakland. Yes, that’s right Oakland. We know the reputation that Oakland sometimes is appropriated, we know the rumors flying around about Oaktown, and we also know what the misrepresented quote by Gertrude Stein (“There’s no there there”) says about our fair city and we’re here to tell you that contrary to those rumors, Oakland is a great place to live. Heck, we even have a statue now in the city center that reads simply “there” (take that Gertie). So here’s a little homage to Oakland and some of our neighborhoods so that you, and the rest of the world, can put some of those rumors to bed. Continue reading