The New ‘Wealth Management Exchange’ Website Helps High Net Worth Investors Gain Control Of Their Portfolios and Estates

NEW YORK, Nov. 1 /PRNewswire/ — High net worth investors now have the opportunity to exchange investment strategies and ideas as well as tap into the knowledge and experience of some of the world’s foremost financial advisors, writers and market experts.

Wealth Management Exchange ( is a new online community for affluent investors.

“Our estates and investments are too important to completely hand over to someone else,” says Wayne Cooper, CEO and cofounder of Wealth Management Exchange. “We can delegate select functions like money management to those who have the training, and experience but ultimately we must monitor them, make sure that they are performing well, executing our plans and charging reasonable fees. We must retain the quarterback position.”

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It’s not unusual for women to hold the reins on the family finances, juggling household budgets and allowances, but more and more often they are also faced with taking over the traditionally male role of managing their family’s investment portfolio. According to Oppenheimer, a financial firm, women earn 1 trillion dollars a year, yet they still often lack the knowledge and confidence to invest their money. A recent Harris poll shows that only 53 percent of women have the confidence to invest, as compared to the 82 percent of men who are confident investors.

Investment Club for WomenOne woman who certainly isn’t hesitant about controlling the family fortune is Carrie Schwab Pomerantz. And while she certainly couldn’t be called your average personal investor, as head of Charles Schwab’s “Women Investing Now” program, Schwab Pomerantz is working to empower this new sector in the personal investing market. We asked her to weigh in on women in the personal investing market. Continue reading

Women & Investing

Since 1992, OppenheimerFunds has led the way in educating and encouraging women to take charge of their finances.

Since we embarked on this mission, hundreds of thousands of women have heard our message and accepted the challenge. Today, our Women & InvestingSM program continues to provide women with the tools and information they need to be informed, confident investors. Continue reading

Ten Steps To Building Wealth for the Future

American women today are playing financial catch-up — and they’re winning. Whether young and starting their first jobs; re-entering the job market; or recently widowed, women are starting to prepare for their first entre into the world of stocks, bonds, mutual funds This link will open an external site in a new browser.  and taxes. They’re learning that if they want to travel the road to financial security, they had better learn to map the trip themselves.

Why is financial independence so important? Unfortunately, most women still leave the investing responsibilities to their husbands, or even worse, face a crisis before they start taking the reins, leaving them unprepared to handle their financial affairs. “Ninety percent of all women, either through divorce, widowhood, or because they have never married, will be in charge of their own finances at some point in their life, ” writes BusinessWeek personal finance editor Toddi Gutner. (“Women and Retirement: Time to Get Aggressive” (BusinessWeek 12/13/1999)

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