Hi, my name is Lydia Puller, founder of the Women Building Wealth Blog. I created this blog in 2007 to help women who are already investing in real estate pick up a few more ideas and for those who are just starting out and want to learn exactly how to get started in investing.

I am a realtor and an investor.  My niche has always been helping women build wealth through real estate. As an atypical realtor I counsel women to look towards the long term hold where investing is concerned. and hold thier investment for at least 5 to 10 years hold.  Rather than sell, take your equity and roll it into another investment.  I am on the path to building wealth through real estate and other venues…and I’d like to help other women along the way.

Prior to investing in real estate, I was a technical recruiter with a San Francisco based search firm that worked with high-end IT professionals. Prior to that, I worked with a San Francisco technology driven market research firm that specialized in messaging and collaborative intelligence.  Even though I did quite well in the corporate world, I realized that the daily rat race was not going to help me retire early. So I started reading dozens of real estate investing books (after work or on the weekends), got my real estate license and structured my own deal then moved onto other investments.

Today I own a few properties and hope to add more to my portfolio. I’ve made a million mistakes along the way and sometimes the risks seemed incredibly high. But I learned from my mistakes and moved on. Whether you’re a seasoned investor or a complete newcomer this blog shares my past experiences, current ventures and information I think is important.


Women Building Wealth

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