The New ‘Wealth Management Exchange’ Website Helps High Net Worth Investors Gain Control Of Their Portfolios and Estates

NEW YORK, Nov. 1 /PRNewswire/ — High net worth investors now have the opportunity to exchange investment strategies and ideas as well as tap into the knowledge and experience of some of the world’s foremost financial advisors, writers and market experts.

Wealth Management Exchange ( is a new online community for affluent investors.

“Our estates and investments are too important to completely hand over to someone else,” says Wayne Cooper, CEO and cofounder of Wealth Management Exchange. “We can delegate select functions like money management to those who have the training, and experience but ultimately we must monitor them, make sure that they are performing well, executing our plans and charging reasonable fees. We must retain the quarterback position.”

Wealth Management Exchange helps affluent individuals develop the expertise and acquire the knowledge to guide their advisors and make the hard decisions necessary to invest their portfolios.

To fulfill its mission, the website has brought together a team of highly- regarded investment experts to contribute articles, blogs and white papers. Among the topics covered: global stocks and bonds; managing portfolios; alternative investments such as hedge funds, real estate and private equity; estate planning; tax strategies, retirement planning, wealth transfer and more.

The website emails free periodic “Alert” newsletters on many investment topics, convenes investment conferences and hosts discussion groups.

The new website, Wealth Management Exchange, is also meant to serve as a source of “second opinions” on investment advice affluent individuals get from their advisors and traditional information outlets.

“We take a skeptical view of the recommendations accepted as conventional wisdom,” says Mr. Cooper. “Just as you would want to oversee any decisions involving your physical health, so too your financial well being should be in your hands.”

Wealth Management Exchange takes the position that when it comes to investment knowledge, one size does not fit all. “We have content on our website that should appeal to different segments of the high net worth community-entrepreneurs and small business owners; professionals and senior executives; women and heirs to wealthy families, among others,” says David Beck, senior vice president and cofounder.

Wealth Management Exchange is being billed as “the place to learn and share information on wealth management issues.”


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